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We need your help to launch a brand new social network to compete with the big dogs from silicon valley. We're based in Austin, Texas outside of the tech bubble of California and we're looking to change the social networking industry. Our users will have the ability to actually reach our support staff in a timely manner, download and delete their information from our servers, earn money from their followers, customize their profiles to highlight what's important to them, be safe from censorship, and much much more.


Share videos, photos, status updates, blogs, stories, and much more. Plus chat and live stream using our upcoming social network Vote Feed. Vote your favorite content up, and down-vote the content that you down't like, to create a personalized feed with the content you love and that can be easily shared with your friends and family.

The founders of Vote Feed are freedom loving Americans with over 25 years of web development and business experience that want to give the power back the to users by not removing content unless it explicitly violates our terms of service and/or violates U.S. law. Otherwise all content will remain active regardless of political learning and/or if the content may be considered offensive. All users of Vote Feed can down-vote and/or block any users (or piece of content) to avoid seeing it, but it will not be removed from our platform unless absolutely necessary for legal reasons.

The Philosophy of Vote Feed is to allow users to express themselves, and interact with others, without fear of having their information taken and sold, or without fear of having their hard earned work removed without warning. Vote Feed will always allow users to have an open dialog with our staff to correct any issues that may arise and no users will EVER be banned without warning.


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Vote Feed is looking for backing to launch phase one of our brand new social network. All concepts are finished and the launch of Vote Feed will take place about 30 days after our funding goal is met.


All Vote Feed concepts have been finished, and we're looking for backing to pay for servers which will be used to officially launch the website.


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